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Information for companies

If you are a company that is interested in sponsoring us, we would love your support!

Integralis ry is a student organization for international science students at the University of Helsinki founded in 2019. Our members study the following study tracks: computer science and data science, mathematics and statistics, physics, and chemistry. We have around 150 members and around 70 new students join Integralis every year!

Forms of cooperation

Overalls ad

Overall ads are an aasy and effective way to be casually seen in student circles, as the overalls are regularly worn throughout the year. It guarantees visibility for many years to come. We order overalls every year. 

Talent recruitment

Inform our students about internships, recruitment offers, and other related matters (such as events) through our mailing list and jobs channel on Telegram. 

Company excursions

Excursions bring visibility to your company, and are a great opportunity to present the company and possible employment opportunities to Integralis' members.

Anniversary party

Anniversary party is an annual academic table party to celebrate the birthday of Integralis. The participants are freshmen, older students, alumni, and even professors. Integralis' anniversary party is held on the third weekend of November. Colaboration opportunities include speech during the party, and/or company's logo printed in the dinner card. 


Our forms of cooperation are not limited to those listed above. We are more than happy to hear your ideas! 

Contact information

You can contact us by email integralis (at), or one of our corporate relations responsibles:

Gabriela Kakol

gabriela.kakol (at)


Jeff Schymiczek

jeff.schymiczek (at)

Viivi Vanamo

viivi.vanamo (at)

Camilo Garrido Varela

camilo.garridovarela (at) 

Leon Quellmalz

leon.quellmalz (at)

Haseeb Shaikh

haseeb.shaikh (at)

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